Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy can speed up your recovery


Exercise therapy can help you rebound from surgeries or other injuries more quickly with exercise therapy that builds strength and mobility, allowing for faster recovery, increased circulation, and enhanced bone health.

Running and Gait assessments are offered here at Capitol Rehab.

At Capitol Rehab, you can find out how to get rid of your pain without it costing you a thing.

We can stop common causes of pain in their tracks

Habitual movements can be causing you pain which makes everyday activities difficult.  

With the help of a Dr. Rozier chiropractor we can identify these problematic actions and retrain your body to react and move in different ways to help prevent future aches.

Our exercise therapy will not only help you with your pain, you will also be strengthening the muscles and problem areas in your body.

Our clients rave about our services

  • "I had been to chiropractors for years, and they performed adjustments which always felt good, but Capitol Rehab went the   extra step to strengthen the region. I've never felt better."
  • "I was told I would need surgery in order to be normal, the staff at Capitol Rehab worked with me to strengthen my back. I was able to avoid surgery and feel great."
  • "The exercise therapists at Capitol Rehab are professional and hardworking."

We accept most insurances so you won't have to worry when you come to Capitol Rehab.

Contact us for your FREE evaluation and learn how you can benefit from exercise therapy



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