Physical Therapy

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Stop an injury or illness from becoming chronic

Our exceptional physical therapists, Dr. Laura Carney and Heidi Simmons, will design a physical therapy program to fit your specific needs to reduce your pain, improve your joint mobility, and improve your range of motion.

Physical therapy will help you rehabilitate after a surgery or medical trauma. It can also be a cost effective alternative to surgery or prescription medications which may only mask your pain.

Our highly skilled physical therapists:

Laura S. Carney, PT, DPT

Laura graduated from the Medical College of Virginia in 2001 with her Master's Degree in Physical Therapy. She returned to the Medical College of Virginia and received her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2007.

Heidi Simmons, MSPT

Heidi earned her BS in Biology in 1985 and her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1994 both from Simmons College in Boston. She volunteered for the U.S. Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa where she solidified her interest in "helping others help themselves"
as is the Peace Corps motto. Her PT experiences have taken her to a children’s hospital in Boston, a Native American reservation clinic in the southwest, home health services and Sports Medicine clinics in the Mid-Atlantic.

Unfortunately, the trend in health care has been to shorten the time allowed for therapists to spend with their patients. Heidi saw the chance to combat the trend by opening her own physical therapy clinic in 2003. She closed her clinic to join Capitol Rehab in 2016 when she recognized the unique opportunity to continue to same level of care while being able to let go of the the responsibilities of running a business.

Heidi’s belief that quality therapy is about being able to individualize patient care and spend the time needed to listen to her patients, continually assess and modify treatments at each visit. Her treatment approach stems from her background as a college athlete and the importance of analyzing biomechanics to restore ease of movement through manual techniques and strengthening.
Her treatments are based on whole body assessment to determine the source of the dysfunction, rather than chasing the pain.

Heidi has a special interest in treating scoliosis and received her C1 certification from the Schroth Barcelona Institute, an international organization dedicated to using the Schroth principles of 3-dimensional exercises for sensory-motor and kinesthetic development. Heidi more recently obtained her SA SEAS accreditation to treat scoliosis from the Italian Scientific Spine Institute, which uses a specific form of auto-correction taught individually to each patient. These individualized techniques are then used with stabilizing exercises that include neuromotor control, proprioceptive training and balance. Heidi welcomes scheduling time to discuss and evaluate any patient's treatment potential.

Heidi lives in Harpers Ferry with her husband, three children and five pets.

 Our physical therapy services can help you overcome your pain

Knee Injuries

Shoulder injuries

Ankle injuries

Neck and back pain

Sports medicine

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Don't let an accident keep you down.  Get back on your feet as soon as possible with physical therapy.

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